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Block Paved Driveways

Looking to add value to your house? Or do you just want somewhere to park? Block paved driveways are efficient and make a great impression! Driveway block paving is a great home investment. On average taking about a week to install, this could be the perfect solution to your parking problems!

Here at The Driveway Company, we believe in beautiful block paving for everyone. We offer a quick, friendly and efficient service to make this experience easy and enjoyable.

The driveway paving range can be a bewildering, extensive list of products and seemingly endless categories of building materials.  Adding block paving to your driveway or patio is a practical and stylish way to give your home inviting appeal and a flawless finish.

A functional and stylish driveway block paving adds value to your property so let’s get this decision right.  Read more here to help you decipher the key factors when choosing driveway block and type of material whilst considering overall look.  Driveway block paving – we’ve got this!

The market is replete with a choice of product to suit your style and budget, approach the driveway block paving range by considering what you need for your space.  You can find the right product for your driveway – don’t be daunted by choice!

When browsing through the range of paving blocks consider what you primarily use your driveway/garden for.  Parking, kids outdoor play, entertaining in the summer months?  Do you want a durable, functional material which is easy to maintain?

Or do you want to express yourself with the type of material and corresponding colours that finish off the look?   How much do you want to spend?  What are the dimensions of the space to be paved? When you know the answers to these questions lets take you to the market and find the right product for you.


With lots of products that range vastly in price, we are here to assist you every step of the way, whether you have a design in mind or not.

Please check out our website for a no-obligation, free quote.

Nobody knows driveway block paving as we do, so let us take you through the pros, cons and processes. Alternatively, check out our block paving range and other services here.

Driveway block paving

With so many different options for paving on the market, it can be hard to decide what is the right choice for your home.

Block paving provides an attractive and long-lasting solution for your driveway needs, but it can be expensive and a time-consuming project. That being said, there are plenty of benefits.

Paving block benefits


Block paving provides one of the most durable solutions for driveways. The high quality and lasting nature of this technique, as well as the versatility, make block paving your driveway the most popular method in the UK.

Concrete blocks are low maintenance and do not require daily washing. The rain does most of your washing for you, and an occasional sweep will keep this high-quality surface clean.


Hugely popular for their wide range of designs, colours, and patterns, there is no doubt you’ll find a block pattern that will perfectly complement your house.

As each of the concrete blocks is laid individually, there is no limit to the designs you can create.

Whether you’re paving a patio or starting a brand new driveway project, the huge range of styles and colours allow you to maximise your kerb appeal and send your house value through the roof!


Driveways made from block paving last a lifetime, and thus are an investment! The average price of a 50 metre squared block paved driveway is between £3500 and £5000, depending on your location in the country.

This is because the surface will require landscaping, plus tools, labour and materials.

Speak to one of our friendly team or fill out a form on our website for a no-obligation quote, and we’ll talk you through the entire process from design to finish.


How much does it cost to block pave a drive UK?

The price will vary due to style, colour, time, product, installer, but it can be between £3000-5000 for a standard 50m squared area. This will vary again with different jobs, depending on the time needed to excavate the area, sourcing materials and labour.

Ground levelling can affect not only the style but the time it takes to install. Please ask our team for more information or a more detailed price estimate.


How long does a block paved drive last?

They’re pretty permanent, and your driveway block paving should seldom suffer weather damage, wear and tear or even chemical staining!

Block paving a driveway, providing the sub-base is properly secure, will be stronger than concrete.

All our driveways come with a minimum ten-year warranty.

If one of the paving blocks does happen to break, it can easily be replaced.




How do you block pave a driveway?

  • The Design: This is a crucial first step, as this will indicate the number of materials you will need for the job, as well as your design. After this estimations of price and time can be made.
  • Landscape: The area must be excavated lower than the house foundation, and a slope must be added for water runoff.
  • Kerbs: These are the edges and joints in your drive, and will provide the strength and texture. Apply the sub base and compact several times. Onto damp sand, lay the blocks and compact.


Is it worth sealing block paving?

This product will potentially reduce the amount of maintenance  and upkeep required by your driveway block paving.    Sealing requires some preparation such as pressure washing but it should help to maintain the overall finish.  Some sealing products can also provide anti-slip guards ensuring safety through-out the winter.


Is block paving cheaper than slabs?

Slabs are expensive and difficult to transport, driveway block paving allow you to shape your space and offer much more in terms of style.  Slabs can be prone to breakage, many people choose driveway block paving for its durability.

Looks like a lot of work? Let our fully insured installation team take care of it for you.


What is the best block paving?

Block driveway paving is specifically designed for vehicle traffic. It is the best paving solution for residential driveways. Permeable blocks assure water runoff and therefore, do not require planning permission, and it’s better for the planet.

There are a lot of different products you can use, so check our website for inspiration.

Textured drives are more practical, and they create a classic look, whereas smoother tiles create a more modern effect.

Block paving with tumbled stones create softer, more weathered-looking patterns, so consider your property when choosing the best paving for you.

What to look for in a paving block material

The type of paving block material you choose matters.  The paving range available is varied! Rough with grip?  Smooth?  Durable?  Eco-friendly?  Easy maintenance?  A paving to weather all seasons?

This is an important consideration, choosing a surface which won’t pool with ice in the winter or allow weeds to grow in the spring and summer months – the types will keep the maintenance low – less work for you and more time to enjoy the space you create in your garden areas.

The material of the block paving you choose provide an overall colour of the driveway; your choice could  compliment the brick-work of your home – the ultimate kerb appeal!   Selecting the features of the block paving range to suit your needs will take  the confusion out from your project.

Most large companies offer a range such as resin, concrete, tarmac and rubber crumb (and eco-friendly option) but the block-paving range offers durability combined with unique style.

No matter what types of products you decide to use, we will be on hand with a friendly stress-free installation!

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