Block Paved Driveways in Cheshire

Block paving in Cheshire are becoming one of the most preferred designs for any area that needs a hardstanding for any type of vehicle. These days, most car owners are spoilt for choices when it comes to block paving. This is because there is a wide array of designs, colours of the pavers blocks to select from to suit your taste and preference not to forget your budget. There is something about block paving that just makes you want to pull over and park your car. What we must bear in mind is that they have pros along with cons. We shall shed some light on both for you to be the judge on whether you would prefer to have them outside your building.

Pros of Block Paved Drives.

1. Concrete block requires low maintenance.

You don’t need to consult an expert to advice you on how to take care of your blocked drive (please see cons below). That’s not all, you don’t have to wash your driveway every single day of the week for you to maintain its clean appearance. You can opt for sweeping it every other week. How easy can that get?

2. Concrete block paving is versatile.

As mentioned earlier, paving companies in Cheshire should be able to show you that they come in a variety of designs for you to choose from. You can even design one for yourself and call the contractors to bring your creativity to life. These blocks are made out of different colours, shapes and sizes so it is all up to you to visualise, then start your dream with your very own designed block paved drive.

Block Paving In Cheshire3. Blocks add value to your house value.

The difference between a gravel drive and a block style design adorning the front of your home is quite the amazing, due to the stylish designs and long life block paved drives have not only added value to the property but it also has a saleability to your home, people will go for a drive that has concrete blocks over one that does not.

4. Is Concrete Block Paving keeping with all seasons.

Concrete paved driveways are friendly to the environment and don’t suffer from any of the elements of weather. On a rainy day, the water from the rain will do nothing more than clean the paving on your driveway. What’s more, the rain water will not stagnate and pool which on icey winter days does not cause patches of ice.

5. They are long lasting.

Block driveways are durable and can withstand any type of weather the seasons can throw at them, even the spillage of harsh chemicals. on pavings can be removed.

Cons of Block Paved Driveways

1. They can be expensive.

As much as they are so beautiful to look at, block paving can be costly to construct. When you add the costs involved in the purchase of blocks, the machinery hired for this kind of job and of course the contractors in Cheshire that are hired to oversee the timely and efficient laying of the block pavers, it might just be more than most can afford.

2. They can take time to complete the installation.

Even with the help of state-of -the-art machinery, there are some procedures to be followed that take time. For instance, before the blocks are laid the underlying ground needs to be levelled with hardcore and sand and compacted. This adds time to the final stage of laying the blocks which depending on the size of the area can take longer.


3. Block paving drives only really works for the larger area.

Smaller areas are not considered suitable for block paving projects as it would only be a waste of time and resources, you will aslo struggle to find a contractor to do a small job. Block paving companies in Cheshire should be able to advise you on the minimum sizes of driveways also the style and paving range for driveway paving.Block Paving Companies in Cheshire

4. Weeds and moss can grow.

Over a given period of time, if you do not keep an eye on things, weeds and moss can begin growing in the block paving due to the settling of airborne seeds in the sand between the block paver. Pulling out the weeds and moss is such a tedious and tiresome process especially when they are deep rooted and you have to put so much effort when pulling them out. I suggest using a moss and weed killer and the start of the spring and summer seasons and also once through the winter.

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