Driveway Cleaning in Hemswell


Driveway Cleaning in Hemswell

The Driveway Company provides a professional pressure washing solution for Hemswell and Lincolnshire towns and villages at a very reasonable price. We specialise in power cleaning of all tough surfaces in the residential and commercial sectors. We can kill and remove weeds and moss to transform dull block paving into a fantastic new condition driveway. We can also remove black lichen areas from your patio and totally transform the area.

Our job will involve all aspects of pressure cleaning whether private or commercial work. In doing so we use the right kind of machinery. We prepare the area very carefully before work begins. When we are fully cleaned out we thoroughly clean down windows, doors, walls, grass and vegetation. After the blocks are dried we brush in a kiln dried composite sand that has a weed inhibitor. Call us or fill out the online form for an estimate. Our prices are very competitive. We offer FREE no obligation quotation.


As mentioned above we use a higher grade composite version of kiln dried sand, it is a quartz sand that is nutrient poor because of its high PH values, this means the weeds have no chance of getting a hold to begin with thus stopping them from growing.


We do advise you have the recently cleaned block paving sealed after re-sanding which will not only further the weed inhibiting side of things but will also bring the blocks back to a new look state. The sealer can be finished in Matt and Wet Look


We recommend cleaning your driveway/patios once or twice a year in order to preserve them in good order, if once a year we suggest at the beginning of the year Feb/Mar as this will remove all the moss, algae, Black and White spot ready for the summer. We offer a number of solutions for either patio cleaning or driveway cleaning in Hemswell, one is the high pressure washing solution where we use around 3000psi to basically blast the moss and grime away, this works very well however does have its draw backs such as mess, don’t worry we clean up, the other is whats known as a soft wash, we still use the pressure washer however the surface is first treated with a sodium treatment which removes the moss, algae and black spots ready for the power clean, this system works very well on both block paved driveways and patios alike.

The Driveway & Home Improvement Company Ltd Pressure Washing Makes Beautiful Pavers Possible

We use superior pressure washing technology that delivers our deepest clean yet. It eliminates stains, bacteria, dirt, algae, mold, and other imperfections from pavers with no damage. The result? Spotless surfaces that look as good as new.

Our driveway cleaning in Hemswell is 100 percent safe for all paver surfaces, making it a better alternative than other cleaning methods. You can protect your pavers for years to come without harsh chemicals.

Working with a block paving cleaning and sealing specialist in Hemswell and the surrounding areas provides these benefits:

  • Get someone else to do the hard work for you!
  • Save money. (Spend your savings on something else for your home, such as new patio furniture!)
  • Free up your time.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Get excellent customer service.

What Techniques Does Driveway Cleaning in Hemswell Use?

  • We will clean your paver surface with a safe and effective pressure washing solution, either with environmentally freindly surface cleaner and low pressure or high pressure jets
  • We will replace discolored sand
  • We will put a protective sealing on the surface. (This step guarantees the deepest clean possible!)

These three steps ensure a deep and long-lasting clean, even if water, children, or pets come into contact with your surface. You won’t have to clean pavers again for a long time. Our high-quality solution and sealant offer the best protection.

Why Choose The Driveway & Home Improvement Company Ltd Driveway Cleaning in Hemswell

Our paver cleaning and sealing services help you maintain your property and create beautiful pavers that look great day after day.

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