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Our Favourite Ideas for Outdoor Living Spaces

The unpredictable British weather keeps us cooped up indoors for most of the year, so it makes perfect sense that most homeowners prioritise indoor home improvement projects to make the place they live nicer.

However, bad weather and changing seasons shouldn’t have to stop you from enjoying your garden or outdoor space!

With the right garden furniture, shelter, and a heat source like a chiminea, you can make your outdoor space usable year-round. The space you love when it’s sunny and warm can provide the same comfort when it’s rainy and cold. This state of outdoor living will improve your health and make you love your home even more.

Outdoor Living Ideas

The concept of outdoor living involves bringing the comfort of your living or sitting room outdoors. By making a cosy outdoor space, family gatherings become more special and you can use the full real estate your home has to offer.


Whether it’s wintertime or a cool summer’s night, it’s always nice to have a direct heat source outdoors. You can achieve this in a few ways.

Fire pit

The first is with a firepit. A fire pit is a simple outdoor appliance made from iron or brick that allows you to light a fire without fear of it spreading. Fire pits can be powered by gas or a combustible fuel like wood and charcoal.


The second way is with a chiminea. A chiminea is basically a freestanding stove with a flue, except it’s not connected to your house. These are usually made from cast iron or clay and they always use wood and charcoal as fuel.


If you want to be able to use your outdoor space in all seasons, you will need overhead shelter and perhaps also a wind breaker.


Gazebos can be relatively inexpensive (made from metal poles with a removable tent roof) or expensive (made from brick and mortar or timber). A gazebo will protect your space from rain and ensure you can use a firepit.


You might think of parasols as a type of table shelter but they can actually span a much larger area – several metres, in fact. When positioned well, parasols can offer good shelter and you can also get reinforced ones for high wind.


You can make a windbreaker in several ways. Your home may already act as one. The simplest way to build a windbreaker is to build a wall or other structure. Alternatively, you can buy what is known as an awning and install it outdoors.


If you want to cook outdoors there are several excellent options available to you, and if you play your cards right you could cook outdoors all year-round.

Charcoal barbeque

Charcoal barbeques are the quintessential barbeque. They are smoky and natural, with the only drawback being having to light the fire and store charcoal and firelighters. If that’s not an issue, a charcoal barbeque will be perfect.

Gas barbeque

Gas barbeques can be used in any weather and lighting them is as simple as flicking a switch. Some people like a smoky taste to their food which gas alone doesn’t provide, but you can add a smoke box for the same effect.


Smokers are the best way to cook if you want to slow cook meats. A smoker is powered by wood and wood pellets. It imparts a unique and special flavour on food and all the best BBQ houses in the world use them.

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture should be comfortable and durable. For outdoor living, your aim should be to create a space that’s as comfy as your living room.

Outdoor sofas

Outdoor sofas are the best way to bring plush comfort to your outdoor space. They are usually made from a natural or synthetic rattan and have removable waterproof cushions so there’s no risk to accidentally leaving them in the rain.

Modular sofas

You can also get outdoor sofas that are modular. This means you can split sections of the sofa into a few or more sections, allowing you to configure the layout of your space to suit the crowd. This can help make a space more comfortable.

Dining sets

If you plan on cooking and hosting family barbeques, you’ll definitely want a decent outdoor dining set. A large table with plenty of chairs will serve you well. You can get these in several materials, but you really can’t go wrong with timber.

Sun loungers

Sun loungers aren’t just for sunbathing, they’re a great place to relax with a glass of wine or cold beer in an evening! You can get sun loungers that are similar to chairs, or you can go for rattan sun loungers that are more like upright beds.


When creating your outdoor living space, don’t forget about benches. This humble garden furniture can seat several people at once or act as a makeshift sun lounger. Go for wood or metal to suit the rest of your garden furniture. The choice is yours.

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