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In ancient times, chimineas were used as both cooking apparatus and outdoor heaters, providing warmth and nourishment to families. Today, they are used exclusively for outdoor heating, providing a safe way to light a fire.

If you have an outdoor space that is used regularly, you will definitely benefit from the warmth a chiminea provides. They can be used in any weather for hours, and the fuel (wood and charcoal) burns itself out just like any regular fire.

Chimineas for all spaces

The difference between a chiminea and a firepit is chimineas are much more like stoves than fireplaces. They ‘contain’ a fire and have a small flue, allowing smoke to escape from the top. They are also powered by wood and charcoal.

We have an unbeatable range of chimineas for sale in all manner of sizes and styles. These outdoor appliances are designed to be freestanding and they are portable when cold with two people to move them, making them ideal for modular spaces.

How to choose a chiminea

Since all chimineas are powered by regular combustible fuels, including dry wood and charcoal briquettes, the main considerations you should have are the design of the unit and what it’s made from (clay or metal, such as iron or copper).

When it comes to design, you usually have traditional, mixed and contemporary styles to choose from. Some clay models have intricate pattern work, and some metal ones do too. Most people are happy with a plain model.

With regards to material, clay or metal is fine – there is no inherent advantage to either when it comes to the fire. Cast iron chimineas are extremely heavy compared to clay and copper models, but they do retain heat better.

Making the most of your outdoor space

It’s easy to overlook the need for a fire in the summer, but let’s be honest – the British weather is awfully inconsistent. If you want to be able to use your outdoor space as much as possible, a chiminea will certainly help with that.

You can use a chiminea on any surface, although with some surfaces (decking, artificial grass) we recommend using a fire-resistant fireplace pad to catch any embers. Otherwise, you can safely install your new outdoor fireplace on a patio, paving or gravel if the surface is sound. It’s a good idea to use a fire gate if you have children too.

When paired with a nice barbeque and garden furniture, a chiminea makes hosting family and friends a memorable experience.

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