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Imagine your dream home. Imagine the fabulous front door, the impressive facade, and the sprawling driveway.

When you imagine the driveway, what do you see? Is it the undeniable beauty of a seemless, multi-coloured driveway with block-edged borders?


If so, then you’re thinking of resin driveways. But just what are these driveways, and why should you get one? Today, we’re answering all your questions and giving you the lowdown on resin driveway installations. This includes the top reasons for why you should opt for a resin bound driveway and all of the handy installation tips you should make sure you’ve thought of.

So, if you’ve been looking for a solution with great kerb appeal or something that’s low-maintenance and is easy to keep in tip-top condition – then read on!




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What Are Resin Driveways?

If you’re reading this, you might know what resin-bound driveways actually are and why they’re so in-demand. But if not, let’s recap quickly.

Resin bound paving – also known as resin bound gravel – is a driveway surface made of aggregate stones and resin. It’s permeable and flexible, which makes it resistant to cracking. There are two types of resin that driveway installers tend to use: epoxy resin, and polyurethane resin.

The former isn’t actually that common anymore, because polyurethane offers much more stability and impact resistance for your existing driveway, our installers only use polyurethane resins (UV stable)

In addition, there are actually two different types of resin driveway – who knew?

Resin Bound Driveways

This resin bound surface includes solid chips coated in polyurethane resin. These chips can be aggregate, plastic, marble, or other different types of material. The mixture provides a smooth base and a permeable upper surface; which is especially important in the prevention of puddles.

Therefore, you get a surface where water, cracking of loose gravel, and other issues are eliminated! Sounds like a driveway dream.

Resin Bonded Driveways

This method is a little different, in that the driveway has a layer of resin on a sub-base. Next, the solids are scattered and pressed into the layer so that all the resin is covered.

Unfortunately, because the stones are exposed, there’s a chance they’ll work loose. The layer is non-permeable, and this resin drive is just a single layer thick. However, it’s a little cheaper than resin-bound driveways – though it’s still not as popular when it comes to driveway installation.

Why Should I Install a Resin-Bound Driveway?

When it comes to thinking of driveways, resin is a clear choice for many. With a high-quality finish, a wide range of colour options, and little maintenance required over many years, we guarantee that resin drives are just what you need!

However, should you still need convincing, here are our top three reasons why you should get a resin-bound driveway.

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Easy Maintenance

One of the best things about resin-bound materials is that they’re easy to maintain – on top of the installation process being so simple. So long as your driveway company uses UV-stable resin – which almost all reputable companies do – then your driveway won’t fade over time.

However, if your new resin driveway doesn’t include UV-stable resin, then there’s a chance your paths could fade over time and produce a less vivid finish with every car that rolls onto it.

So long as you opt for UV-stable materials, clean your paving regularly, i.e. with a stiff broom or pressure washer, and keep all these important tips in mind, you shouldn’t have an issue!

Comparable Price

Perhaps the reason why so many opt for this stylish surface, it’s very reasonably priced. Though comparable in cost to block paving, maintenance costs are far lower as the work done by your installation team on the surfaces’ base means that this will last longer than any other surface, such as tarmac.

When choosing a company or team to install and supply your resin, they’ll always ensure that it’s UV-stable and that it’s SuDS Compliant – this means that it’s approved for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.

Given all the benefits you get with this material, it’s well worth the cost.


Don’t kid yourself, this is still very important – why else would you opt for resin-bound paving on your driveway? There’s nothing quite like rolling up to your driveway hearing the crunch of the aggregate. Of course, you could get this in a gravel driveway – but resin offers a better colour range, as well as a guarantee of safer maintenance.

The professional, high-quality look that resin-bound patios or surfaces give makes this paving option 100% worth it.

The 5 Easy Steps to Installing a Resin-Bound Driveway:

So, you’ve decided you want to cover your areas in this material, but what steps do you need to consider now?

Well, lucky for you we’ve thought about this! Have a read.

1. Measure the Areas

Your first step is to measure all areas and get the bases checked. Base work is always important to consider, especially when factoring in cost.

2. Choose a Colour

This is the easy part! Decide on your aesthetic; natural aggregates are the most economical, and actually have some lovely colours.

3. Get your Quote

Here, you should try to get a full, no-obligation quote of all the inclusive costs. This allows you to plan ahead and budget effectively.

4. Save the Date!

Pick your installation date and have it to hand – it’s that simple.

5. Enjoy…

The last thing you need to do is have fun with your new driveway – enjoy its easy maintenance and gorgeous aesthetic!

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Top Tips for Installing a Resin Driveway:

To finish off, we’ve rounded up our expert tips to keep in mind when choosing resin driveways. Happy reading!

Company Reputability

Perhaps easier said than done, but always try to opt for a reputable company. Ensure you get quotes, details, and information of all procedures – including planning permission-, so that you can be assured your provider knows their stuff.

Right Type of Resin

Aside from all of the ins and outs of planning permission, another technical factor to keep in mind is the type of resin employed by your company. This goes into company reputability a little- as any reputable seller will aim to use UV-stable resins.

Upkeep is Key!

A point that bears repeating, you need to ensure that you keep up with cleaning long after your gorgeous driveway is installed. Not only are moss and other overgrowths unattractive, but it could easily become a slippery hazard – and no one wants that!

How Much Do Resin Driveways Cost

Resin bound overlay driveways are incredibly cheap as compared to other alternatives. If you install on a pre-existing base, the price in tremendously reduced. Quantity surveyors estimate a cost of between £60-£80 per square meter on installation except for steps, walls and other special surfaces.

Resin bound and more expensive £90-£120 than its cheaper resin overlaid brother due to the sub-base that needs to be installed prior to the resin bound aggregate being laid on the top. It does not require planning permission.

Driveway Size

Driveway Type
10 - 30 sq metres
30 - 60 sq metres
60-100 sq metres
Extra Large
100 + sq metres
Resin Bound£2500-£4500£4500-£7800£7800-£11,000£11,000 +
with discount for larger areas
Resin Bound Overlay£2000-£4000£2000-£4,200£4,200-£8500£8500 +
discount for larger areas

Please bear in mind the above examples when asking for a quote, this will save both the installation company and you time, many people just do not realise the cost of having a resin driveway installed, if you are getting quotes a lot lower than those stated above you will more than likely end up with a sub-standard product and a company that you cannot get hold of again, cheap is not always the best option when it comes to a resin driveway.

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Will My Driveway Look Good

Nobody mentions resin aggregate and fails to mention its beauty. Not only do resin bound gravel drives look naturally attractive after installation, but also you have an avenue to play around with your creative side. You can mash in different colours or have different shapes fit perfectly together.

Check out our resin driveways reviews from some of our happy customers.


picture of a resin bound driveway

How Long Do Resin Driveways Take to Install

Because it can be installed over the existing surface if suitable, resin bound overlay driveways can be installed in a few days. That would be convenient, right? Definitely! It saves on cumulative cost and minor inconveniences. Resin bound (full excavate will take a little longer due to extra work that need completing)

How Long Will My Driveway Last

With proper installation resin drives will give you excellent service in very good condition for a very long time. How long is a long time you ask? There are examples of resin driveways that were laid well over 12 years ago that look like they were installed yesterday.

Do They Take Much Looking After

Image of resin driveThe whole point of having resin bound paving is the low maintenance. To get your driveway looking as good as new is as simply jet spraying it and using a hard brush to remove leaves and any other kind of rubbish . No special treatment that costs you extra is involved with a resin driveway because we know your money is precious, resin driveways have been designed in such a way to leave you with minimal or zero maintenance, lets face it the less we have to do the better we can spend our free time. Your new resin driveway will also last for many years.

Is Resin Slippery When Wet

The resin is mixed with the aggregate stone and smoothed over when laid, although it is of a rough texture it can become slippery when icey, much like any other surface really.

Will My Driveway Crack

If the base material is unsuitable you will find cracks in your driveway. It is best to consult a professional about this to get advice on a way forward before some greedy contractor takes shortcuts and does a sub standard job.

How Thick Is A Resin Driveway

This really depends on whether you have a resin bound driveway or a resin bound overlay driveway, overlay goes on top of a existing surface (18-20mm) however it is impossible to know the thickness of the existing driveway, resin bound driveways (full excavation) should be between 18mm and 20mm laid on top of 60mm of tarmac which is on top of 250mm of compacted type 1 hardcore.

Are They Permeable?

Yes resin bound is as it is mixed with the aggregate and creates air pockets for water to seep through the surface.

Will My Driveway Fade

Some resin bound driveways seem to fade in colour. Fading is due to using of resins that are not UV stabilised, all our installations are done using UV stable resin

With all that said, it is without a doubt that resin offers a more reliable option than any other product you can get in the market. When you look at it from the cost perspective, quality perspective or the beauty and aesthetics perspective, it stands out from all the rest.

Book a quotation for your resin bound driveways now, get good advice on construction methods and be proud  of your resin driveway that satisfies your every need.

What Base Do You Need For A Resin Driveway

Resin Bound Driveway (Full excavation)

This style of resin bound gravel requires a full excavation of the area to a depth of approx 250mm, this is then back filled with type 1 mot hardcore and compacted, a sub base of porous tarmac or concrete is installed leaving approx of 18-20 mm.

We also recommend having block paving edges this give a fantastic finish, we then install resin over the porous tarmac or concrete in the same way as a resin overlay.

The resulting resin drive with require next to no maintenance .

Resin Bound (Overlay)

As you will have a stable base or surface in the form of your original drive, we can create a resin driveway simply by overlaying the resin bound aggregate on top of the original.

As long as the original surface is in good standing and there are no cracks etc, this type of resin drive is the easiest and quickest installation there is. Because we are going over the original driveway again there is no planning permission needed

Firstly we clean the original driveway surface and remove any debris, making good any loose or cracked areas, if required we will then install block paving around the perimeter raised by approx 18mm.

We mix the resin with the gravel in a special forced action mixer to make sure the aggregate is fully covered by the resin, the resin bound gravel is then had trowled onto the clean original driveway surface. We advise that you should not walk on the driveway for at least 24 hours. This type of driveway with last for many years.

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