Rubber Crumb Popularity and Usage

Rubber Driveways

Rubber Crumb as an alternative composite material for your driveway, patio or playfield

Did you know that tens of millions of tyres are discarded across the world every year? Well, that is a staggering number of non-biodegradable waste being left in a landfill or an illegal dumping site. And as the number of vehicles on our roads continues to increase, we can only expect the number of used truck and car tyres to rise steadily. This has led to a growing need for a more sustainable and ingenious disposal methods. How about recycling that used tyre to lay an environment-friendly, shock absorbing and skid resistance driveway, patio or kids’ play area.

Cool, right? Well, the recycling involves removing the metal cords in the tyres and granulating the rubber into finer particles to form the rubber crumb.

Rubber crumb comes in two different types. They include cryogenic rubber and ambient rubber. The cryogenic rubber is known for its highest quality and cleanest granules of rubber. On the other hand, the ambient rubber is known for its cost efficient, environment-friendly and its durable properties.

So, what are some of the uses of Rubber Crumb?

Rubber crumb use in playing fields

Recently, rubber crumb has had a mounting popularity due to the dire need for durable and environmental friendly playfields, patios and driveways. Rubber crumb is a perfect solution for your kids’ play area that has become rugged from severe climatic conditions and overuse.

With the high maintenance of grass parks and the escalating need to conserve water, more attention has been directed to the use of rubber crumb instead. Rubber crumb has low-cost and easy maintenance, making it a smart alternative.

Additionally, rubber crumb is U.V stabilised to enable colorfastness that is a real guarantee against fading. Synthetic turf in the yard always looks great all year round. It will boost the overall look of your yard, something everyone looks forward to having in his or her home.

Rubberised asphalt applications

Rubber crumb is the most extensive form of recycled rubber being used today. It is used in rubberised asphalt applications in various states. The benefits associated with rubberised asphalt applications include durable road surfaces, noise reduction, cost effective, reduced road maintenance and shorter braking distances on roads. In fact, the most prominent market for rubber crumb in the UK is rubberised asphalt, with an estimated 12 million tyres consumption annually.

Additionally, rubber crumb serves recreational and sports purposes. It is used to improve the root structure of grass and drainages when added to soil in playing grounds. It further decreases the impact of falling in the fields due to its responsive and springy nature. It is also used as a surface material for athletic fields and running tracks; it acts as a cushioning agent.

There are various other applications of using rubber crumb, which include extruded and molded products, equestrian and agrimat footing, walkways and trails, sealants, plastic, and rubber bends. Each application requirements differ in particle size and purity.

With the cost effectiveness that comes along with the rubber crumb, do not be left behind to transform your home yard. Give us a call, and we will be there to install it for you. For a little more information regarding rubber crumb and its uses please visit here.