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Why choose resin bound paving?

In recent years, due to an increase in flooding and public awareness of flood prevention, the permeable resin bound paving market has grown considerably.

Not only is it the fastest growing driveway market in the UK, it is also the most cost effective due to its longevity.

Unfortunately, as the demand for resin bound paving has grown so has the number of companies completing sub-standard installations. Frustratingly, this creates a bad reputation for a premium paving product that when installed correctly will last more than 25 years.

  • It’s aesthetically pleasing not only is it decorative, resin bound paving is sustainable, practical and versatile and also looks fantastic.
  • Its longevity resin bound paving is a long lasting durable surface. While guarantees vary between 10 – 21 years, when properly installed and maintained, can last for more than 25 years.


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  • No planning permission required Since government legislation in 2008, planning permission is not required for areas less than 5m² or if the new surface is permeable.
  • It requires minimal maintenance there are no weeds to ‘weed’ or loose stone to sweep. A regular brush and occasional power wash will keep it looking as good as new.
  • It reduces standing water (puddles): which in turn reduces surface water run-off and flash flooding.
  • It’s SuDS compliant (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems) a water management system introduced by the Environment Agency to help manage flood risk and water quality.
  • It provides natural filtration as surface or rain water seeps through the sub-base a natural filtration takes place – reducing or removing impurities and pollutants caused by oils and metals.
  • It reduces the ‘heat island’ effect heat islands happen because hard surfaces, like asphalt and concrete, absorb and store heat. Permeable paving allows the soil underneath to breathe, which reduces surface temperatures and thereby the ‘heat island’ effect.

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What Are the Benefits of a Resin Driveway?

Highly Durable

Choosing to have a resin driveway laid has many benefits. Firstly, it is an incredibly hard-wearing surface type. It is resistant to high and lower temperatures, UV rays, and impact from large weights such as cars and other vehicle types. It is also able to withstand large volumes of footfall and all of the everyday wear which would be expected in a home with a family, such as balls, toys and lots of running around. It will not be disturbed by any of these actions and will remain looking good for long periods of time.


Resin driveways have an average lifespan of around 21 to 25 years. This means that it is very cost-effective as it requires very little upkeep over the decades of its life because it is so self-sufficient once it has been laid. This is then not an aspect of your home that you need to think about again for at least two decades which is great because we all have plenty of other things which occupy our minds on a daily basis.

Low Maintenance

Upkeep and maintenance are not something you need to worry about either because resin driveways require absolutely nothing from you. Assuming that you have opted for edging, your resin driveway will stay in place and intact for well over 20 years. No weeds or moss will be able to grow through your resin driveway and nor will it become one big puddle because it has a natural drainage system.


Resin is porous, so it drains away rainwater and surface water into the drainage systems hidden out of sight. Any water simply seeps away naturally through the resin without any need for human intervention. It also helps to take the pressure of the drainage systems in your area by preventing flooding. But if you did live in an area which is renowned for having issues with drainage, then resin driveways can be drained into a soak-away or a swale to eradicate any standing water from your driveway leaving you with no flood risk at all.

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Highly Versatile

Cleverly, resin can be used in many different ways and is not limited to solely being used as a driveway installation. It is also commonly used for pathways and patio areas too for all of the same pros as a driveway and means that you can have thorough continuity in appearance around the exterior of your home. It can be used anywhere, and there are different types of resins to suit different areas, such as UV resins and non-UV resins, and there are also ways to have anti-slip capabilities added to your resin to prevent accidents occur during the colder times of the year, like pro crushed glass.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Having a resin driveway completed is very visually pleasing and can have a large impact on your overall home. Not only can this change how you feel about your home and increase the safety aspects, but it can also be a real selling point for potential buyers if you are looking to move. It has been known for resin driveways to add a great deal of value on to house sales, so it would definitely earn you your money back if you chose to lay a resin driveway for this reason, too.

Lots of Variety

Available in many different colours, the aggregates you choose can be completely unique to you and your home. You can choose to have aggregate as small as 1mm in size up to 10mm in size, laid on your driveway, in any colour of stone you like. This means that you can really change the exterior look of your home and making it hugely aesthetically pleasing to yourself and all of your visitors. You can also choose many different edging types too, such as bricks, stone, aluminium and wood to give it the finish you love.

Fast to Install

With the average time to install a resin driveway being that of one to two days, it really does not take long to alter the appearance and increase the functionality of your driveway. Once the laying of the resin has been completed, the driveway will start to go tacky underfoot in just 20 minutes, depending on the temperature and weather, but can be walked on properly in just four hours. You only have to wait for approximately 24 hours before you can drive on it, too, so having a new resin driveway really isn’t much of an inconvenience.

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